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Worshiping Jesus Christ is a lifestyle we continually strive to live out in our daily lives. King David of the Bible gives us many examples of how God wants us to worship Him. As Christ loves us, we desire to love Him in the same way. We worship Jesus because of the revelation of the cross. That He became sin for us and died the death we deserved to save us from an eternity without Him. For that, He deserves our praises and our hearts.

LWN Worship is our response to Jesus's love for us. We've decided to put an emphasis on corporate worship as a family of brothers and sisters seeking the Fathers love together and genuinely encountering His presence. Although worship is a lifestyle lived day to day, during our services we connect as one body of believers through music. We have an incredible team of musicians and singers who are dedicated to the call of leading us in worship with excellence. 


We are always looking for new anointed and talented worship musician's and leaders. If you are interested in being a part of LWN Worship, please fill out the form below with your information so we can email you more information about our application process.

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